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CanRoyal Lubricant Manufacturing Company.

Canroyal oil Lubricants/Dist. established in Year 2016 in the Sultanate of Oman at Buraimi Industrial Area-1. Canroyal oil Lubricants/Dist. has blossomed to a highly specialized, well integrated Establishment with a reputation for manufacturing and marketing quality products. The Plant is certified for Quality Management System ISO 9001-2015. Canroyal oil Lubricants/Dist blending excellence is thus transformed into total reliability for all its customers.

Our focus on honesty, integrity and respect for people from the basis of the Canroyal oil Lubricants principles. We are convinced that contributing to sustainable development helps creating business value and reduce operational and financial risk, making us a more competitive and profitable company.

Our commitment to technology and innovation continues to be at the core of our strategy. We believe our technologies and technical expertise will be telling factors in the growth of our business.

Canroyal oil Lubricants remains a company with a sense of history and tradition, with sound high quality products and uncompromising customer service combined with a refreshing approach to future development and innovation. Canroyal oil Lubricants utilize the most advanced formulations and state of the art technology the products are fully tried, tested and proven both in laboratory and field. CANROYAL at Canroyal oil Lubricants/Dist. are fully committed towards product quality, the high quality is determined by several factors • The testing and research that go into the development of a new product • The care observed during the manufacturing process. • The laboratory checks made on all the products before they leave the blending plant. • In addition, strict quality controls are applied to all packages, drums and containers to ensure highest standards.

The process ensures conformity and consistency of performance of CANROYAL lubricants wherever they may be bought and used around the world.

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    the beginning

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    New Service Garage

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  • 03

    New Main office

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  • 04

    New Website launch

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